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Debt Collections


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Increasing challenges and a volatile economic climate makes collecting of outstanding debts more difficult for businesses, resulting in rising debt delinquency rates. To improve results, companies need a strategic partner who can deliver improved collections efficiencies.

  • 1st Party Collections
  • Early stage collecting of delinquent (1-90days) and over limit accounts. We provide customer focused service, initiating courtesy reminders and requesting payment on behalf of organisations, freeing up valuable internal resources.

  • 3rd Party Collections
  • CHARTER has a large consumer finance and telecommunications client base due to its commitment to ongoing customisation and system design to align with Client requirements. Charter has developed a comprehensive Roll Rate Management (RRM) system that accurately tracks cycle dates to mitigate delinquency and write off.

  • Commercial Collections Services (CCS)
  • The collection of Business-to-Business accounts rather than business to customer.

  • Skip Tracing
  • Skip Tracing can help you manage your recoveries more effectively. Charter has a specialized Skip Trace Team tasked with conducting online searches to locate skipped customers.

    Our Trace team utilises several types of On-Line database searches available to locate debtors.

    It allows skip tracers to collect available information and use it to locate an individual or business. Information is produced in relation to addresses. telephone numbers and email addresses.


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