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Debt Buying


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We are a leading debt purchaser across the telco, banking and utility sectors, freeing up capital and resources enabling you to focus on core activities. If you need an immediate cash influx, we can turn your distressed receivables into liquid capital by purchasing your debt. Charter places all its purchased receivables for collection, which ensures that the integrity of your organization is maintained with all debt collection efforts.

Charter understands the delicate balance between collections and consumer/community-relations. Under Charters unique model, the client maintains control over who collects from their consumers and the type of collection efforts used for the life of the accounts.

  • All collection activities performed by one agency.
  • Same effective, yet consumer friendly, approach as used when collecting on a contingency basis.


  • Immediate Capital Infusion at Closing
  • Return on Delinquent A/R is Known Up Front
  • Professional and Ethical Collection Efforts are Employed


  • To be the world's leading financial services company and to provide hundred percent services to any company in the banking and finance sector
  • To deliver exceptional customer experience and business process by unlocking the power of intellectual capital
  • To be the global benchmark in Receivables management