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Digital Capabilities


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Charter has developed strong digital capabilities in debt collections using advanced Machine Learning and AI. Some of our digital initiatives are a market first that have delivered significant impact to our client’s collection outcomes.

Digital Power Dialling

Our Digital Power Dialler is a phone dialling system that automatically adds phone numbers to an agent's calling queue and dials them in sequence. This cuts out repetitive manual tasks of searching, dialling, and copy-pasting numbers.

Customer Service Portal

Intuitive and flexible, our online portal enables customers to pay and manage their accounts anytime, anywhere via a connected device. It reduces customer contact by more traditional communication methods and enhances administrative efficiencies through driving digital channel shift, enabling an enhanced customer experience and allowing us to maximise productivity.

Multi-channel access increases customer engagement options and delivers better outcomes. Our online portal allows customers to propose repayment arrangements, upload documents, provide affordability evidence or submit any other items they wish to provide online.

Embedded Emails and SMS

We increase our efficiency through embedded emails and SMS targeting and engaging more customers to open, click, and pay.

Automated Letters, Emails and SMS

We have a capability of scheduling and sending bulk SMS, Emails and letters that can help improve productivity.


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  • To deliver exceptional customer experience and business process by unlocking the power of intellectual capital
  • To be the global benchmark in Receivables management